Demery Jayne Collection a New Concept of Fashion and Wear

* DJC *


When we talk about DJC we talk about Demery Jayne Collections, a new line of lingerie and swimwear for women, a story that starts, in fact, from an idea and also a dream of Demery Jayne.
This story and this project are the story of a very young company but determined to follow its style to the end and to do this it makes use of its team of professional figures with many years of experience in their respective fields of work. Demery is the brand's first source of inspiration, as a model, as an inspiring muse and as a world traveler and in this path she met Stacy Christensen. Stacy is a professional expert in fashion, in particular lingerie and swimwear, she knows perfectly the product development phases, from color to model, papery as it used to be and CAD on the PC as it is done today, to style, obviously passing for choosing the best materials.
A glance was enough, some talks with Demery, we could say, and Stacy immediately developed a 16-piece pre-collection with three color variations: black, white and pink quartz.

The components that distinguish the style of the collection are all aesthetically inspired by that period of Italian history where nature, artistic and cinematographic culture during the 70s and 80s have greatly influenced fashion, costume, and trends.
The models of the Translusence collection, however, have many innovative and current components in their DNA, fundamental for the needs of a contemporary woman.
The winning idea of ​​the collection is to show elegance without being excessive in terms of shades and shapes. The common thread that connects all these creations is the refinement but also the flexibility of the garment understood as an interpretation that each customer can give from time to time. In fact, many of the models, such as Hanelli, the swimsuit, were created for the swimming pool, the boat or the sea, but also for the trip, as shown in the images of New York taken by Alessandro Sicuro, you can use that piece with jeans or a skirt, so as to combine class and versatility. Even the Obsidian Intimate model, purely for underwear, can be worn instead of a shirt or an undershirt under the jacket, replacing the classic shirt that could sometimes make it look too formal.

We want to preserve all the style, class and femininity that can be seen from a different angle with a defusing touch of our Obsidian, with more grit and modernity. "Style and elegance have never been so versatile," says the brand's slogan. Exactly for this reason.
You can find our products in many stores but also via e-commerce and drop shipping because our marketing strategy is to carry out the first campaign in the United States and we have been doing it for months, months where we have started a web marketing program and Google AdWords, with the geolocation set in the main cities of the States. Of course Covid-19 was an unexpected event that nobody was waiting for and nobody wanted. And as we hope that every person and company can overcome this bad experience, we too are now working hard, also producing masks. We are in fact in the phase of entering the market, ready and determined to place ourselves at an increasingly high level of brand reputation and the perception of the brand itself by the public, on Facebook, Instagram but also with the photographic events that we have created at New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Florence and Milan. We are launching a 360 - degree editorial and image action, signed by Alessandro Sicuro Comunication. In fact, we trusted this company and its person in particular, as our Brand Strategist. We have just told you about the target of this mission, to touch with your hand just take a look at our Store.

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