Shooting Day Royalton NY by DJC



Article and images by Alessandro Sicuro Comunication

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 The trip to New York for Fashion Week promised to be interesting, not only for the new brands to be viewed in South Manhattan at Spring Studios but also for the many events that revolve around the world of fashion in which many shots are always taken home emotional, shots that you can only do in spontaneous situations like these. I like to tell fashion as if it were a slice of everyday life, I am convinced that we find real fashion in the street, in the premises, observing the search for a style of those people who are in front of the entrances of the fashion shows.

This time I would also like to photograph the Chiara Boni fashion show, an event also organized at the Spring Studios, on which there was particular interest in the creative news planned and for the new guide, for the style of Simone Guidarelli. Upon my call, I had received from him an invitation to the parade, a very kind person.

In New York, I met DJI, the American company that had already contacted me to start a collaboration that would have given birth to a project: the Demery Jayne Collection. The meeting with the designer was an authentic surprise, a beautiful girl, tall and athletic, with light blue eyes and very long blond hair.

Shaking hands with her collaborator, Stacy Christensen , I had the feeling that she was the operational and co-creative part of the company. A professional with long experience, with a respectable curriculum in projects and collections related to the fashion of swimwear and high-level lingerie. I had previously talked to her and I knew that she was able to make a prototype from a drawing and then bring it to CAD and make the calculation, always via computer, of model optimization and size development, in addition to color variations.

She says herself: "I am able to choose the best type of accessories as regards the aesthetics and functionality of the model to be made." Seeing her collections and photos of her company, I immediately understood that I was talking to an expert in the sector.

After a few hours of work, we had already planned the program for the following days with the locations and outfits that we should have had the model Demery wear. The locations I had already viewed on Google from Italy, evaluating which were the most suggestive for the shooting. Hotels, swimming pools, parks, streets, gyms, and other particular places to shoot. During my research, I was struck by a series of swimming pools on the terraces of Manhattan's skyscrapers. But also from the Clubs, the famous discos located on the upper floors of the buildings, many of which with breathtaking terraces, a beautiful skyline that offered itself as a backdrop during the night shots.

[caption id="attachment_63690" align="alignleft" width="358"] Royalton Hotel 44st.[/caption]

The first terrace was that of the Royalton New York. Located on 44th Street, 10 min. walk to the Theater District and Fifth Avenue shops and 5 minutes walk to Radio City Music Hall.
The service took place entirely on this terrace, the Penthouse Suite N, a beautiful apartment that inspired me greatly in the creation of the "shooting atmosphere".
Demery was very good at perfectly interpreting the models in her collection by providing me with the right poses for each shot. The elegance of the terrace that stands out on the 44 road did the rest.

I thanks the kind Italian director, a smart person who has given all his availability for our work.



[caption id="attachment_63728" align="alignnone" width="1840"] DJC NY Royalton Hotel 44st. Demery Jayne Collection Campaign ss2020[/caption]
The Obsidian model, worn by Demery Jayne, a whole piece of underwear. Created with elegance in mind and embellished with gold clasps and gold rings on every curve of the body. The adjustable strap is developed with a double side in satin to caress the elegant rear line.

Obsidian intimate bodysuit



[caption id="attachment_63699" align="alignnone" width="3840"] DJC NY Royalton Hotel 44st. Demery Jayne Collection Campaign ss2020[/caption]
Obsidian with deep neckline and high cut sides. Handmade by Stacy Christensen in the Demery Jayne Collection signature. An element that has turned out to be elegant in the most refined but at the same time versatile in external use as an element to be worn instead of the usual top or blouse, or under a jacket, even jeans to make the style so informal.

Obsidian intimate bodysuit