The 2020 Edition of the International Lingerie Exhibition



The new year brings us to Paris at "Salon de la Lingerie" (SIL), full of innovations, creativity, ingenuity! And the new edition of the International Salon de la Lingerie without a doubt is the perfect mixture of classy meets sexy!

Yes, since Saturday 18th, the Parc des Expositions of Porte de Versailles has the honor of introducing the global craze that is the lingerie industry. For three days, professionals will travel to the International Lingerie Exhibition in search of new brands, quality products, & explosive content. The event draws in people from all over the world for tomorrow's trends. Hot new Items that will launch in both Summer 2020 and in the Fall season of 2020-2021.

Big brands meet in six distinct buildings, each having the square footage and capability to fill a stadium. luxury designers, of lingerie and corsetry, pajamas, home clothing, tights and shoes, 100% RAW creatives of all walks of life.

Women of all sizes showcasing their beauty, amounting far beyond the simple sale of underwear. A new foundation of confidence on the rise that is expanding throughout all genders. It is the present day, not so public, yet intimate side of us all. Fabrics this close to the skin must be pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch. Lingerie seduces, reassures, transports and accompanies every gesture. It must be comfortable for the modern-day woman. The latter is constantly evolving, creating active, feminine, fatalé, sporty, feels that is good for the body.


The materials thus changing to become more aerodynamic, lighter, and more comfortable occupying a more prominent place from product to the sale, but aestheticism has not been abandoned. The fashionable spaces during the conferences explain new behaviors, desires and new expectations of current buyers. An invitation to the dream, while still respecting the new cultural and social codes.

Therefore, the International Salon de la Lingerie presents professionals with new strategies to adopt, for example the integration of consultancy into marketing policy. Before selling, it is necessary to seduce but also reassure and it is now obvious to take control of the feedback.

For more than a year, Demery Jayne has been collaborating and designing the Translusence collection, together with lingerie designer Stacy Ashley. The Translusence collection is designed for a sensual and stimulating woman / goddess.
"We have created high-end luxury intimates, which will include swimwear and lingerie," says the designer. The Demery Jayne brand represented in a line of high-end trend items that represent every woman's desire. "We are inspired by what we believe, that women feel beautiful from fabrics to styles, which complement the female form." We want to help create a mentality that authorizes and allows women to love themselves and their beauty ", she concludes the designer, Demery Jayne.


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